I, the undersigned, as parent (or Legal Guardian) of the above mentioned participant, indicated by legal signature below that I am in agreement with the following articles:

1. The Participant is a full-time resident of Toronto GTA

2. The Participant is enrolled no younger than 5 years old.

3. Participant is physically fit and permission is granted for his/her participation in the Bishop Elite Academy Basketball Program.

4. There is secondary insurance and is included in the Program fees at the time of the registration. A deductible on claims for injuries may be applicable. If injured, said participant will be taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment; unless I (or another family member) am present and personally take said participant to another facility.

5. No Bishop Elite Academy Institute, Officer/Director, Coach, or other official shall be held liable for any injuries sustained to any participant in any Basketball activity.

6. In the event any participant is issued a uniform or other piece of equipment: I accept full responsibility for maintaining its condition and return of the same item upon completion of the season. I further understand that I shall be liable for its replacement in the event of loss or damage.

7. I recognize my responsibility to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, and will encourage participant and others around me to do the same.

8. Fee Administration:

9.Hereby release the usage of any photos/videos taken of me at any clinics, camps, tournaments, and (or) events associated with Bishop Elite Academy for publication in local newspapers, social media, and/or related websites. a. Bishop Elite Basketball clinics fee: This is required to offset program operation and insurance costs, participants, coaches, and volunteers. NO refunds will be made after the program starts.

*Participant First and Last Name

*Participant Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)

*Address (Street, City, Postal Code)

*Participant Age

*Participant Grade

Participant Club Team (if Applicable)

Clinics (Basketball training & Development)

AAU Summer Development Program

Summer Camps (9:00-4:00pm) at Stephen Lewis Secondary School (3675 Thomas St, Mississauga)

Tshirt size

*Parent Guardian Name




*Emergency Contact Name

*Emergency Contact Number